Used 80" Wide Sterling Sheet Line with 6" Extruder 400 HP:

6" Sterling Extruder, Air Cooled,30:1 L/D, Vented, , 400 HP DC Motor & Emerson Drive, 72" Center-Line With 7 Barrel Zone Control Panel

6" Beringer Slide Plate Screen Changer with Hydraulic Pack

30 HP Melt Pump

54" Wide Sheet Die Mounted, 78" Spare Die Available

80" Wide Sheet Stack, 16" Diameter Top Roll, 24" Diameter Middle Roll, 24" Diameter Bottom Roll, All Gear Driven by 10 HP Reliance AC Motor, Top/Bottom Roll Hydraulic Assist Adjustmen

80" Wide Pull Rolls Driven By 10 HP AC Motor

80" Wide Famco Shear, Model P-1072, S/N: S-10844336

96" Wide Single Turret Dual Position Winder

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