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2013 Plastics Processing Machinery Sales Up

While the GDP growth numbers that just came out show stagnant growth for the US economy, there were some good numbers in machinery sales from last year.  According to an article in Injection World, "Shipments of plastics machinery in the US remained strong in the final quarter of 2013, according to...

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6" Davis Standard Lowboy Extruder, 24:1 L/D, 400 HP

We don't stock very many lowboys, but this is a great machine for the right customer! 6" Davis Standard Lowboy Extruder, 24:1 L/D, 400 HP Item #:  8002 Model:  60IN60 Year:  1985 Manufacturer:  Davis Standard Size:  6 Description: Used 6" Davis Lowboy Extruder, Model 60IN60, 24:1 L/D Ratio...

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Canadian Growth in Recycling

According to the Canadian Plastics Industry Association, Canada's plastics packaging recycling rate grew 10% in 2012.  More information can be found in Recycling International magazine or on www.plastics.ca.  This really shows Canada is taking an interest in plastics recycling and their efforts shou...

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92mm Cincinnati Milacron Conical Twin Screw Extruder, 2000 Vintage

Item #:  7731 Model:  CM92 HP Year:  2000 Manufacturer:  Cincinnati Milacron Size:  92 Description: Used Cincinnati Milacron CM92 HP Extruder, Conical Twin Screw, Vintage 2000, 150 HP Reliance DC Motor and Drive, 27:1 L/D Ratio, 7 - 34 RPM, 5 Barrel Zones, 1 Screw Zone, 12 Die Zones, S/N E15A...

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500 Ton Toyo Injection Molding Machine, Model TM-500H, 67.9 oz, Manufactured 1999

Item #: 8136 Model:  TM-500H Year:  1999 Manufacturer:  Toyo Size:  500 Description: Used 500 Ton Toyo Injection Molding Machine, Model TM-500H, Manufactured 1999 Tonnage................ ...................................500 tons Shot Size.....................................................

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Arlington Helps Customer Find Unique Machine

Recently, we had a customer, Piper Plastics, come to us with a specific problem.  They were looking to begin a new injection molding project using an expensive engineered resin. The complex mold would require several calibration runs to perfect the part.  With the high resin cost, they could not aff...

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Equipment Purchasers Regularly in Your Area

Our purchasing team is continually traveling to look at equipment to purchase.  You may have equipment available to sell, but don't have the time to get the information on it or you aren't even sure if it's worth anything. With a brief phone call to Arlington's purchasing department, you can recei...

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Granutec Shredder Model M160 63" x 80" Granutech Saturn Single Shaft Shredder, 150hp Hydraulic Motor

Item #:  6962 Model:  M160 Year:  1999 Manufacturer:  Granutec Size:  63 Description: Used 63" x 80" Granutech Saturn Single Shaft Shredder , Model M160, 10 Cu Ft Infeed Hopper, 150hp Hydraulic Drive with 2(75hp) Motors, 20" Rotor Diameter, 20 Hp Hydraulic Ram, Airveyor Discharge with Eriez T...

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Dynisco Water Ring Pelletizer WRP35S

We just brought this piece into our warehouse. Used Dynisco Water Ring Pelletizer, Model WRP35S, With 3 HP Cutting Head, Die Plate with 3 Rows of Holes, 7.5 HP Slurry Pump, 1.5 HP Recirculation Pump, 5 5hp Spin Dryer Motor, Cooling Chamber. --Price Does Not Include Control Panel or Heat Exchange...

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Injection Molding Industry Analysis

This article highlights the top original equipment manufacturers, their machinery strengths, and what industries they focus on servicing. Milacron www.milacron.com Machinery Strengths Injection Molding, Vertical Injection Molding, Extrusion, Blowmolding, Robots, Dryers Market Strengths...

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