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Arlington Machinery specializes in the purchase and sale of used plastic machinery. In addition to our auction and appraisal services, we have a vast inventory of used plastic machinery available for sale. With the prevalence and demand of plastic products higher than ever, quality machinery is also in high demand. Whether that means individual pieces of equipment or entire plants, we buy and sell equipment every day.

We sell all types of plastics machinery, ranging from extrusion lines, shredders, and injection molders to plant support, metal working and fabrication equipment. Arlington Machinery purchases and stores equipment in our expansive warehouse; we are not simply brokers of machinery. One of our value added services is to buy and ship directly to our warehouse where machinery is stored until it is sold. We pride ourselves on our in-house capabilities and state-of-the-art warehouse as ways in which we best serve our customers. Since 1987, Arlington Machinery has been buying used plastics machinery, storing the machinery in our warehouse and then selling the products to our customers. Our in-house repair and refurbishing capabilities for plastics machinery are unparalleled, as we can simply repaint or totally recondition the equipment.

We offer appraisal services specializing in the plastics industry. No one knows the value of plastics equipment like us. We have a certified equipment appraiser on staff who can produce USPAP, AMEA, ASA IVS and IFRS-compliant reports. Appraisals reports can be for individual pieces of equipment or complete plants and can be either inspected or uninspected. Reasons customers ask Arlington for an appraisal include asset-based lending, insurance value, tax and deprecation reports, mergers or downsizing. We complete our own appraisal reports as well as lend our expertise to many major machinery and equipment appraisal firms.

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