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Since 1987, Arlington Plastics Machinery has been on the forefront of the industry, providing high-quality equipment and machinery to meet the plastic processing demands of businesses around the world. We make it our main priority to help keep your business running by providing cost-effective solutions that include buying, selling, and even repairing the used products that your business depends on. We assure you that when you choose Arlington as your source for plastic machinery and equipment, you're getting high-quality, reliable, and affordable products.

We serve the following industries and more:

  • All-Electric Injection Molders – The newest entrant to the injection molding market with several factors making them more popular each year.
  • Pull Roll Granulators – Pull Roll Granulators are used to automatically feed plastic sheet and trim scrap into a granulator for reprocessing. Entire rolls of imperfect product or the “skins” of products that have been stamped out can be automatically fed into pull roll granulators. The pull rolls pinch the product in between the rolls to provide a continuous feed.
  • Plastic Profile Equipment – Extrusion Profile Lines are designed to make a continuous length of plastic that can either be cut or wound. Typical profile products include home siding, windows, plastic lumber and garden edging. The engine or main force behind an extrusion line is the extruder; it heats the plastics resin and forces it through the die.
  • Beside the Press Granulators – Beside-the-Press Granulators are plastic granulators used in processing rejected parts from injection molding machines, blow molding machines and extrusion lines.
  • Rubber/Liquid Silicone/Thermoset Machinery – In addition to our extensive inventory of thermoplastic equipment we purchase liquid silicone rubber (LSR) injection molders. LSR molding presses mix a two-component compound together in a thermoset process. Once heated and cured in the mold, the parts are both strong and elastic. Liquid Silicone Rubber parts can tolerate extreme temperatures and are resistant to chemicals and electricity. LSR products are used in automotive and medical settings.
  • Recycling Machinery – When you're in the recycling business, the quality of your machinery is essential to the product that you create. Ensure that your processing line is efficient, streamlined, and productive by choosing the cost-effective equipment and machinery provided for by our professionals. We keep the most in-demand parts and products from reputable manufacturers known around the world.
  • Automotive – When it comes to automotive industry machinery, our knowledgeable professionals keep stock of the most in-demand parts and products from the most recognized and highly regarded manufacturers. Our large inventory is unparalleled, but if we don't have it in stock, we have the vast network to procure the item for you.

If you're in need of powerful plastic machinery that is both cost-effective and dependable, contact the professionals at Arlington Plastics Machinery. With over 25 years of dedicated service, our experts have fine tuned and perfected the methods in which we can deliver you high-quality machinery to increase the productivity of your business.

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