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Electric injection molding machines made their debut in the mid-80’s and they have made great inroads into the injection molding market.  Their addition to the traditional hydraulic or toggle clamps made slow progress initially, but now are the most popular of the injection molders for new users.  One of the biggest factors for electric machines is their ability to significantly reduce the amount of energy needed from traditional machines.  As plastic processors try to reduce their price per unit, this becomes an important factor.  Two other factors that directly affect the bottom line are increased precision and fast injection/clamp times.  Electric machines have the ability to reduce the amount of wasted resin by being more accurate than other types of equipment. Increased speed in production can increase the number of units produced for an additional boost to ROI.  Factors that operators enjoy are the smaller footprint, cleaner/quicker setup and quieter operation.  

Top Brands for Electric injection molders include:
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