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Extrusion Profile Lines are designed to make a continuous length of plastic that can either be cut or wound.  Typical profile products include home siding, windows, plastic lumber and garden edging.  The engine or main force behind an extrusion line is the extruder; it heats the plastics resin and forces it through the die.  The profile die determines what shape of product will be produced.  If using recycled plastic or if contamination is a concern then a screen changer can be placed in between the extruder and die to filter out any impurities.  After the die, the product goes into a vacuum calibration tank to maintain its shape while it cools.  There may be a series of tanks after the die depending if additional cooling is needed.  The production speed is maintained by a belt puller (haul-off) that grips the product in a continuous manner.  At the last stage the product will either be cut and stacked by an upcut or down-cut traveling saw or wound on a winder or coiler.  Other components that can be integrated into a profile line are inline printers, measuring gauges and embossers.
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