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3D Printing and Molding Bone Replacements

One company, FibreTuff is compounding a cellulose-based biomaterial for 3D rinting and molding of medical devices for spine, trauma and sports medicine.  One major benefit to the material is that it can be seen on x-rays without the introduction of additives a term known in medical circles at r...

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The Canadian Conundrum

As of right now, the US economy is doing well, but what about our second-largest export market?  There is a believe that Canada's consumer spending is past its peak and will see a downward trend over the next two years.  Compared to the US, Canadian households have much higher levels of de...

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Great Cover Story in Plastics Engineering Magazine

I may be a little biased on the article since I'm quoted in it, but the article outlines some of the new things with auxiliary equipment and Industry 4.0 that were highlighted at NPE. It's an interesting article and be sure to read to the end to the section of Values in Used Auxiliaries .  (Tha...

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Australia Bans Plastics Bags

   We've seen plastics bags banned by municipalities, but never on such a grand geographical scale as the ban taking place on single use bags in Australia.       The issue comes down to people not recycling bags and the pollution that follows.  Plastic bag producti...

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US Tariffs Became Effective July 6th, 2018

   The tariffs on goods produced in China beginning July 6th, 2018 will definitely affect the machinery market. How that happens will remain to be seen, but here are some things to consider.     We have already been notified by some suppliers of Chinese machinery that their...

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A science fiction take on plastics

Plastic Eating Microbes Have Potential for PET It sounds like a science-fiction movie, but scientists working in Japan working with a plastic-eating microbe created a mutant enzyme that breaks down PET.  PET is widely used in millions of plastics bottles. By tweaking the enzyme while studying i...

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Everything you want to know about PVC

I ran across a great article that tells you just about everything you want to know about Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)  Check it out when you have a chance:  Omnexis: by SpecialChem

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Arlington Featured on Nigel Frank Site

In an article on the Nigel Frank International website, they asked us questions about the value of a CRM system for us.  We were happy to share our response.   The article can be found on their website.  Nigel Frank International Nigel Frank International is known as the global l...

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Plastics and Fashion

We don't usually realize that plastics touches all parts of our lives and fashion is an area that we typically forget about plastics' role.  Spring and summer 2018 will have plastics on the runways.  And while the runways themselves will be made with plastic products, so will the clothing...

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China Plastics Ban

China banned foreign waste it considers foreign garbage in 2017.  Worldwide China is the primary market for recycled mix-use plastic and other recycled materials because of it is the primary producer of plastics goods.   For the US and the world, there are several things that will cha...

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