We don't usually realize that plastics touches all parts of our lives and fashion is an area that we typically forget about plastics' role. 

Spring and summer 2018 will have plastics on the runways.  And while the runways themselves will be made with plastic products, so will the clothing on the models.  Burberry, Chanel, Valentino and others have revealed their collections and plastics has a prominent place.  

From transparent purses to hooded rain capes, the functionality of plastics is earning it a place in the fashion world.  The idea that high fashion cannot be practical too is not the case anymore.  Weather influences our choice of clothing; having clothing that is stylish and holds up to whatever comes your way has a place in the lives of those in metropolitan areas as well as the rest of the country.   

Louis Vuitton and others have been making plastic purses for many years and shown that there is a market for the fashionable plastic accouterments.  Now we will see if the wearable plastics finds the same home in the hearts of the fashion world. 

Artwork by Emilie Pietig