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Recycling is moving to the shredder/granulator combination

The norm used to be to recycle your plastic products in a shredder only if the size, density or type of product required it.  Now more and more processors are using a shredder before the granulator if there is any risk of metal contamination. By using a complete Shredder/Granulator System that con...

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Recycling Conveyors, don't forget the metal detector

Whether you need a metal detector today or not, it might be a good idea to set your plastics recycling system up for one down the road.  The easiest way to plan for the future is to purchase a conveyor built to accept a metal detector or eddy current separator. Metal detectors can not be attached to...

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What kind of Machinery Seller are you?

There are different motivations for selling your used processing equipment.  The first step is to analyze what kind of seller you are. Hands Off Seller  You may not be sure how to sell your equipment or you don’t want to hassle with it.  It can be time consuming to gather information, find a mediu...

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Robot Sales Improving

On page 30 of this months Injection World Magazine, there is an interesting article titled "Robot sales on the rise." Injection World

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Extrusion "Lead" to the Decline of Roman Empire?

There is an interesting opinion in Plastics Today about how extrusion (of metal, not plastic) led to the downfall of the Roman Empire.  Short and interesting read. Plastics Today

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Plastic Granulator Rotor Access

Larger Virtus Equipment Granulators have a time saving system for opening the hopper with hydraulics. Cleaning the rotor for product changes requires an open cutting chamber and routine maintenance/inspections also require the removal of the hopper. Maintenance and cleaning are easy with the Virtus...

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Questions to Ask Yourself When Looking for Plastic Size Reduction Options

When looking for either a new or used piece of equipment for plastic size reduction there are few things to keep in mind.  Should you buy a granulator, shredder or pulverizer (pulveriser)?   What kinds of accessories do you need? Ask yourself these questions: What material are you planning to re...

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48" x 48" Quad Shaft Shredder

Item #: 8606 Manufacturer: Nelmor Size: 48 Description: Used 48" x 48" Nelmor Quad Shaft Shredder, Four 40 HP Motors (160 hp)  2" Cutters, With Starter Control, Currently Set up Horizontally, Can Be Fed Vertically with Modification More than 20 photos available.

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Should I Inspect Used Machinery Before Purchasing

Arlington recommends that you inspect used equipment before you purchase.  Plastics processing machinery is an investment.  It is important to know exactly what you are buying when making a substantial investment.   Inspecting equipment at a dealer prior to purchase helps avoid any surprises that co...

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Plastics Granulation is all about the Knives

There are certain things that set some new plastics machines above the rest. Two things that make a difference to your maintenance team are how easy it is to change the knives and how quickly they can change the knives. Granulators that use a knife setting jig can cut down on the amount of time th...

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