There are different motivations for selling your used processing equipment.  The first step is to analyze what kind of seller you are.

Hands Off Seller You may not be sure how to sell your equipment or you don’t want to hassle with it.  It can be time consuming to gather information, find a medium to advertise in, field questions from potential buyers, arrange multiple inspections and create sales documents.  And… to try to do this on top of your ‘regular job’.

By working with Arlington you can accomplish your goal quickly and efficiently.  Either send us photos and information or we’ll send in a representative to get the information.  We buy the equipment from you, immediately send you the funds and arrange the freight.   You have the extra cash in your budget and the extra space in your facility. Selling made simple.

Invested Seller You may need to receive a certain price for your equipment.  Bean counters may be giving you a book value or maybe you only want to sell it if you can reach a certain price. Either way you are an invested seller that has a specific price you need to get.

Arlington can help you reach this number by offering an exclusive sales agreement.  You keep the equipment on your site and we handle the sales process.  By brokering the machine in this fashion, we can market the machine on your terms.  After defining what you need to make on a machine, we go to work - marketing it on our website, through ads and through social media.  We bring you offers and you get to accept them if they meet your expectations.  You get the full power of Arlington’s marketing and experienced sales team to promote your equipment.

Hybrid Seller  Maybe you’re somewhere in between.  Do you need space and need a specific price?  Want someone to handle everything, need space and also need top dollar?

Then a consignment option may be right for you.  Your machine gets shipped to our facility and we take it from there. Your machine is out of your way and it is in the way of our customers who come to our warehouse. In many cases we can test run the machine in our shop for potential buyers or make modifications or upgrades.  Test-running a machine or cleaning and painting equipment that needs it can really help sellers realize the top dollar.