Mixers available!!

Stock# 16560B - Used Drais Gelimat Thermokinetic Mixing / Compounding machine.  Model G10.  10 liter nominal capacity/8 liter batch capacity.  Stainless steel contact parts.  Unit is a model G series which has a direct feed through top hopper with locking slide.  Batch type,...

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Need a quality used High Intensity Mixer? Take a look at this one available! 1200 Liter MTI Mixer

Used 1200 Liter MTI High Intensity Mixer with 3060 Liter Cooler, New in 2010 Used 1200 Liter MTI High Intensity Mixer, Model M-1200, with 3060 Liter Jacketed Cooler, Model KMV-3000, 256 Liter Jacket 315kw Main Motor DriveNew in 2010 Vintage460/3/60With Control Panel & Agitator *Includes Stand...

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Arlington Machinery Reviews

Worked with Jeff Norman to identify a desiccant dryer for our process. He walked us through the process as we don't have experience buying used equipment. Sale was completed and unit was received well-packed and on time. Unit is running great and does the job fine.

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