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Appraisals: Resources, Terms, & Tips

Appraisals: Resources, Terms, & Tips Arlington Machinery has been in the plastics world since 1987, and in our time we have amassed more knowledge about appraisals than we could write. To make the appraisal process as simple as possible for you, let’s take a look at terms to know, resources to...

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Machinery Appraisals Made Simple

Do you have plastics machinery to sell ? A professional, written industrial equipment appraisal ensures that you get what your items are worth based on the machine’s specifications and condition. Whether you want to evaluate a single piece of equipment or an entire plastics processing plant, our tea...

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5 Steps to Sell Your Used Plastic Machinery!

Arlington Plastics Machinery specializes in the purchase and sale of used plastic machinery equipment on a global scale. We’re an international buyer and seller of plastics processing equipment of all kinds—from extruders and extrusion equipment to injection molders, blow molders, Thermoformers, rec...

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Responsibilities of an AMEA Appraiser

Using an AMEA Appraiser on your machinery and equipment appraisal project gives you access to an accurate report because of the responsibilities of the appraiser.  Following are those responsibilities: • Perform with objectivity and independence. • Must not disclose confidential data from a report...

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How to Order an Accurate Machinery & Equipment Appraisal

How to Order an Accurate Plastics Machinery & Equipment Appraisal There are several options for machinery and equipment appraisals .  It is a good idea to know a little bit about what is involved in an appraisal before you request a quote from an appraiser.  A good appraiser should be able to a...

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USPAP Compliant Appraisals

We offer USPAP compliant machinery and equipment appraisals for banks and end-users.  USPAP is the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice that sets the quality control standards for the appraisal industry.  David Pietig is an AMEA accredited appraiserand handles all the appraisal depar...

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AMEA Accredited Appraiser on Site

Arlington Plastics Machinery has an AMEA accredited appraiser on site to appraise all types of plastic process equipment. We can help your company determine the value of your equipment for asset disposition, insurance values, acquisitions, tax assessments or investment recovery . As a leader in plas...

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2013 Machinery and Equipment Appraisers Forum - March 21-23

Arlington Plastics will be a presenter on March 22nd at the AMEA Appraiser Forum. As a  plastic machinery appraiser, Arlington will represent their expertise and services offered when appraising plastic machinery. Industry presentations including equipment discussions, a panel discussion with auctio...

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