Do you have plastics machinery to sell? A professional, written industrial equipment appraisal ensures that you get what your items are worth based on the machine’s specifications and condition. Whether you want to evaluate a single piece of equipment or an entire plastics processing plant, our team provides the information you need for:

  • Refinancing
  • Budget Allocation
  • Leasing

…and more. 

Do you know the best part?

When you go with an expert like us at Arlington Machinery, you can expect accurate appraisals that are as quick and easy as possible:

  • We Have an AMEA Appraiser on Staff
  • Our Appraisals are Fast and Accurate
  • We Provide Appraisal Seminars 

Experienced AMEA Appraisers on Staff 

At Arlington Machinery, we bring more than 35 years of experience to every appraisal. Over the years, we have stayed apprised of trends in machinery sales in various plastic processing industries. That means we know our stuff, allowing us to provide accurate appraisals for the buying and selling of:

Benefit from a Priority Database with Over 15,000 Machine Records

Our extensive resources make plastics machinery appraisal a cinch for us at Arlington Machinery. In addition to our massive priority database with over 15,000 machine records, we also provide full-time sales staff, industry auction results tracking, and a long-term relationship with OEMs to keep us updated on new pricing technology. 

Resources for Appraisers and Appraiser Companies 

At Arlington Machinery, we offer a variety of services for appraisers and appraiser companies including assistance with onsite inspections or appraisals based on photographs and other off-site documentation. 

We also offer seminars that explain the valuation process. Our seminars are used by individual appraisers and groups. Our seminars can be tailored to meet the needs of new appraisers, advanced appraisers, or those who need a fast refresher course.

What’s the bottom line?

Appraisals need to be accurate and you also want a fast and simplified experience. You can expect this and more from us at Arlington Machinery because we provide industry-leading experience, know-how, and resources for a wide-range of appraisal scenarios in the plastics field.