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Price Change on Davis Standard Extruder

We just reduced the price on this extruder.  We're now only asking $28,500. 100MM Davis Standard Extruder, 26.1 L/D, Air Cooled Barrel Item #:  6219 Model:  35IN35 Year:  2006 Manufacturer:  Davis Standard Size:  3.93 Description: Used Davis Standard Extruder, Mark Series, Model 35MV350, 1...

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USPAP Compliant Appraisals

We offer USPAP compliant machinery and equipment appraisals for banks and end-users.  USPAP is the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice that sets the quality control standards for the appraisal industry.  David Pietig is an AMEA accredited appraiserand handles all the appraisal depar...

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Arlington Plastics Machinery at NPE 2015

Friday February 21st, 2014 was the space draw for NPE 2015.  Arlington attended the draw selection in Orlando and we are pleased to have selected Booth W228. This puts us in the West Hall close to the entrance to the South Hall.  We're excited that this position gives us a great opportunity to be fo...

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Erema TVE 1109 Recycling System

We have the following available for immediate sale. Used Erema TVE 1109 Recycling System, 2007 Vintage, Currently Installed and Under Power, 90MM 110KW(147.5HP) Extruder, 90KW(120HP) Compactor/Densifier,  Double Vented, Erema LF 2/350 Laser Filter, Includes Infeed Conveyor, Feed Roller for Film...

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New Price on In-Stock Extruders

We've lowered the prices on these two extruders 4.5" NRM PMIII Extruder ,  32/1 L/D, Water Cooled, 200 HP with 4.5" Hydraulic Screen Changer and Downstream Adapter   - Asking $27,500.00   REF 7070 3.5"  Davis Standard Extruder , 24:1 L/D ratio, 17.81:1 Gearbox Ratio, 100 HP DC Drive  Asking $15,0...

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34mm Leistritz Twin Screw Extruder For Sale

Just received: Used 34mm Leistritz Twin Screw Extruder, Model LSM30.34, Counter Rotating, 11 kw Motor 5 Barrel Sections, Electrically Heated, Air Cooled, Vented Barrel with Vacuum Pump, 8471 Hours 1986 Vintage Overall Dimensions: 4' x 8' Click here for Quote

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Tax Credits for Plastics Processors

What company isn't involved in researching better ways to either improve existing products or developing new products? There is a little used tax savings opportunity for businesses in the plastics industry.  Most companies are trying to find ways to make production more efficient.  There is a tax...

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Nine Important Considerations When Buying an Injection Molding Robot

Nine (9) Important Things to Consider When Buying Industrial Robots for Injection Molding Presses Plant floor space and configuration - Knowing proximity and layout of machinery around can determine where robot should enter the press. Working Envelope - This is the region of space the robot can...

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