We offer USPAP compliant machinery and equipment appraisals for banks and end-users.  USPAP is the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice that sets the quality control standards for the appraisal industry.  David Pietig is an AMEA accredited appraiserand handles all the appraisal department for Arlington Plastics.  The AMEA requires all of its appraiser to strictly adhere to USPAP.

We specialize in  helping plastic processors and banks know what equipment is worth in forced liquidation, orderly liquidation or fair market scenarios.    Since we buy and sell plastic processing equipment everyday, we have a realistic idea of what it is worth.

If you provide us with some information, we can provide a free, no obligation engagement letter to you within 24 hours.  Our engagement letters define the scope of work and what the cost of the appraisal will be.  If you are even considering an machinery appraisal, contact us and we can walk you through the process and get you an appraisal cost.