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Shredder is the Most Important Recycling Machine Ever

In the book Junkyard Planet: Travels in the Billion-Dollar Trash Trade by Adam Minter, the following quote is very telling. "The shredder stands as the singularly most important piece of recycling equipment ever developed." This is exactly why Arlington Plastics Machinery carries several used pl...

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3D Printing Evolves

Many people are interested in how 3D printing will affect the plastics industry.  3D printing will probably never be used for mass production, but great strides will be made in the area of rapid prototyping.  The following article published in Plastics Today shows some of 3D printing's capabilities....

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PVC-O Pipe as it is today

An article in the most recent issue of Pipe & Profile Extrusion Magazine talks about the benefits and advances made in the area of oriented PVC (PVC-O).  It delves into the the four ways to produce PVC-O pipe. For more information go to Pipe & Profile Extrusion Magazine, Page 11.

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PET bottle recycling rate holds steady in 2013

According to an article on the Resource Recycling site, a recent study shows that the US PET bottle recycling rate was 31.2% last year.  This has had an affect on how the industry is recycles it's PET. For more information and to read the full article click below. PET bottle recycling rate holds...

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ACC study shows plastics to oil could be a $9 billion industry

An interesting article regarding the opportunities in the plastics-to-oil business in the US was reported in recycling today .   It reverences the "Economic Impact of Plastics-to-Oil Facilities in the U.S." report created by the American Chemistry Council.   Recycling plastics has never been more in...

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