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Four 3.5" Polytruder Extruders for Sale

We have a great offering of 3.5" Polytruder Extruders for Sale at this time.  They are all Air Cooled, with 75 Hp motors.  We have 24:1 LD and 32:1 LD machines available.  Just in and won't last long. For more information:Polytruder Extruders

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Injection Plant Closure: Denver Plastics CO - 18 Injection Molders

There is an exciting injection molding auction that it worth mentioning.   Featuring: (18) Plastic Injection Molders up to 1000 Ton Capacity New as 2001, from Toshiba, Nissei, Mitsubishi, Cincinnati, Van Dorn, and Ube. Plastic Auxiliary equipment including large and small Nelmor grinders,...

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NPE 2018: Featuring this week - TOM

Time to introduce another member of the Arlington family... Tom Moore.  As a reminder, we will be at Booth Number: W3793 in the main hall!  See our location on the Floorplan Here.  Be sure to stop by and meet Tom at the show! Tom grew up in Antioch, IL.  He went to...

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