Featuring Blending Tower Mixaco HM1200 High Intensity Mixer with Cooler, 440 HP (2014)REliance HCM4200 High Intensity Mixer, 300 HPWeight Hoppers, Loaders, Controls, Spare PartsSilos, Vac Pumps, Chillers, Air Compressors Extruders (Main and Co) (3) 100-MM Maplan TS-100 Extruders (1997)(2) 98-MM They...

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Featuring: (70+) Plastic Molding and Blow Molding Machines to 1,000 Ton Capacity - TOSHIBA, CINCINNATI, MILACRON & BELKEN  • Lots of Support Equipment • Toolroom Equipment • Spares / MRO Crib • Compressors • Dryers • Chillers • Packaging Equipment • Conveyor • Forklifts • Pallet Racking • D...

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Housing starts hit a 12-year High

The U.S. Housing and Urban Development and the U.S. Census Department August Report showed that housing starts rose 12.3 percent in August to the highest level since May of 2007.  This could be good news for extrusion businesses as these new houses need pipe and profile items such as siding, dr...

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Recycling Road is Paved with Good Intentions

Large companies are committing to recycled content, other companies are cleaning ocean of plastics, everyone is trying to use less or better plastic compounds (bio) for the environment.  Do we have the infrastructure to handle all our recycling efforts?   Recently in Canada, a report...

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First Statewide Styrofoam Ban

For the first time ever, an entire state is banning the sale or distribution of polystryrene food and beverage containers. Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) can take millions of years for the microplastics it becomes to decompose and recycling it is an expensive endeavor.  As we keep an eye on this in...

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Robots in the Workplace

In the plastics industry, we are seeing an increase in the use of robots.  Multiple reasons make robots a desirable choice over humans.   Robots can be more efficient than employeesHighly skilled employees are hard to find for employersMinimum wage hikes make the robot more lucretiveA...

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Ocean Plastics Problems and Solution

Members of the Alliance to End Plastic Waste have already pledged $1 billion to work on the problem of ocean plastics.  The alliance is also looking to increase that number to $1.5 billion. The global organization is looking to inject itself into the waste management process in hopes of finding...

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Industry 4.0 Protocols for Plastics Machinery

Global manufacturers are making a press for standardization among plastics equipment and its connectivity.  It will be a challenge and take some time to implement, but the end will hopefully be one that allows all machines to work together and have a "plug and play" option to connect to softwar...

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3D Printing and Molding Bone Replacements

One company, FibreTuff is compounding a cellulose-based biomaterial for 3D rinting and molding of medical devices for spine, trauma and sports medicine.  One major benefit to the material is that it can be seen on x-rays without the introduction of additives a term known in medical circles at r...

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The Canadian Conundrum

As of right now, the US economy is doing well, but what about our second-largest export market?  There is a believe that Canada's consumer spending is past its peak and will see a downward trend over the next two years.  Compared to the US, Canadian households have much higher levels of de...

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