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Extruder Testing Services

If Arlington machinery has an extruder in stock at our Elk Grove Village, Illinois location the below services are available in most cases.   Gearbox: Arlington will start with a gear box inspection.  Gear box will be drained. Gears, Bearings and Seals will be visually inspected.&...

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The Two Main Injection Mold Terms You Need to Know

In terms of plastic processing, injection molding machines are the most versatile and essential pieces of equipment on the floor. No matter what industry you are in, you can find a use for these tools, which are capable of making the smallest parts for cell phone and the largest parts of t...

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Trade-in your Used Plastics Machinery

A little something that people tend to forget with used machinery is that you can still trade in your equipment for newer equipment, even if it isn't brand new!  For example, if you would like to upgrade your extruder to a newer model, we still can give you a discount if you trade in your old extrud...

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Core Pull Used in Injection Molders

Most of you probably have heard of the option “Core Pull” with Injection Molding Machines. Simply put, core pull allows a cavity to be put in the product parallel to the clamp. A simple example that you may be familiar with is PVC pipe connectors.  You’ve probably seen them at your local hardware st...

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Components of Pipe Extrusion Lines

Here's a brief summary of what you will find in a Pipe extrusion line. Main Components Extruder- Material is pushed through with turning screw causing friction and heating the material through screen changer/nozzle. Vacuum Tank- Sizes pipe but keeps it from collapsing. Maintains desired form...

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How to Order an Accurate Machinery & Equipment Appraisal

How to Order an Accurate Plastics Machinery & Equipment Appraisal There are several options for machinery and equipment appraisals .  It is a good idea to know a little bit about what is involved in an appraisal before you request a quote from an appraiser.  A good appraiser should be able to a...

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Considerations in Buying a Used Desiccant Dryer

Considerations in Buying a Used Desiccant Dryer for Plastic Resin Initial investment, operating cost and production considerations are all factors that affect which desiccant dryer you should purchase. There are several different types of dryers to choose from: desiccant, hot-air, straight compress...

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Nine Important Considerations When Buying an Injection Molding Robot

Nine (9) Important Things to Consider When Buying Industrial Robots for Injection Molding Presses Plant floor space and configuration - Knowing proximity and layout of machinery around can determine where robot should enter the press. Working Envelope - This is the region of space the robot can...

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Differences in Injection Molding Machinery Types

Differences among injection molding machines:  Hydraulic, Hybrid and Electric Injection Molding Presses Following are the pros and cons of each type of injection molder- regardless of whether you are looking to buy new or used presses. Detailed information can be obtained once you've established w...

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How to Buy a Used Pelletizer: A Quick Guide

Plastic pelletizing is the process of producing pellets from scrap plastic. An extruder melts and meters the plastic. It is passed through a die, cut, cooled and dried. The overall goal of pelletizing is to create a uniform pellet size to be re-introduced into another process. Pelletizing is a value...

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