A little something that people tend to forget with used machinery is that you can still trade in your equipment for newer equipment, even if it isn't brand new!  For example, if you would like to upgrade your extruder to a newer model, we still can give you a discount if you trade in your old extruder.

  • You get a newer machine with a great discount and can begin running product with your newer extruder.
  • We take the old one, start refurbishing it and try to resell it to someone else to reuse.
Some of our customers never even realized that we could offer a trade-ins or that our inventory comes from companies like theirs!

Unlike a care dealer that will only take in cars in trade, we can take all sorts of equipment in trade.  Trade-in a granulator for a discount on an extruder; trade-in blenders for injection molders; trade in dryers for recycling equipment.

We buy anything plastic processing related so the possibilities are endless!