4.5" Davis Standard Extruder for Sale! -Nice machine! Won't last long!

Used 4.5" Davis Standard Super Blue Extruder, Model SB450 24:1 L/D Ratio17.39:1 Gearbox Ratio, Gearbox Rated to 400 HPAir Cooled Barrel, 5 Barrel Zones, 6 Die ZonesControl Panel With Eurotherm 3208 Temperature Controllers, Tachometer, Amp Gauge, Gefran 40TB Pressure Readout, Solid State Relays,...

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Used 2.5" Davis Standard Mark 6 Extruder, Model 25MK6, 24:1 L/D, Air Cooled, 4 Barrel Zones, 1 Clamp and 1 Die Zone, Controlled By Eurotherm 2208E temperature Controllers, Individual Amp Gauges for Each Zone and Pressure, Load, RPM, Readouts, 4 - 7000 Watt Heater Bands, 40 HP A/C Motor, Control Tech...

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Just shipped in last week! 3.5" Davis Standard Single Screw Extruder

3.5" Davis Standard Single Screw Extruder, Model 35IN35V, Water Cooled, 100HP Used 3.5" Davis Standard Single Screw Extruder, Model 35IN35V,Water Cooled, 5 Barrel Zones, 3 Die Zones, Eurotherm Temperature Controls, Pressure Readout, Amp Meter, RPM Gauge100 Hp AC Motor, Allen Bradley Drive, Direct Dr...

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The Two Main Injection Mold Terms You Need to Know

In terms of plastic processing, injection molding machines are the most versatile and essential pieces of equipment on the floor. No matter what industry you are in, you can find a use for these tools, which are capable of making the smallest parts for cell phone and the largest parts of t...

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NOW AVAILABLE! Used 1.25" Davis Standard Pedestal Extruder, Model DS125

Used 1.25" Davis Standard Pedestal Extruder, Model DS125, 5 HP AC Black Max Motor, Fuji AF-300G11 AC Drive, 16.5:1 Gear Box Ratio, Air Cooled, 3 Barrel Zones, Eurotherm 2208 Temperature Controls, Has 3 Barrel Zones But No Control, Solid State Relays, Amp Load Gauge, RPM Gauge, Dynisco Pressure Reado...

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6" Merritt Extruder available!

6" Merritt Single Screw Extruder, 301 L/D, Water Cooled,500 Hp 6" Merritt Single Screw Extruder, 301 L/D, Water Cooled, Unused 500 Hp AC Motor Priced With NEW Weg AC Drive. 6 Barrel Zones, 3 Die Zones, 182" Barrel Length, Bolt On Style Flange, Amp Readouts Per Zone, Eurotherm Temperature Controls, S...

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3/4" Killion Extruder available!

3/4" Killion Extruder, 24:1 L/D, Three Barrel Zones, 1 Die Zone, Rebuilt Gearbox, NEW Temperature Controllers, NEW 2 HP AC Motor And Drive, 44.5" Centerline (Adjustable), Model KLB .075, Does Not Have Screw, S/N 5348F, 240/1/60 Machine Has Been Tested! Approximate Dimensions and Weight: 45" L x 25"...

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EXTREMELY Low Hours- 706!!! Used 93mm Battenfeld-Cincinnati TwinEx Twin Screw Extruder

Used 93mm Battenfeld-Cincinnati TwinEx Twin Screw Extruder, 2014, Extremely Low Hours- 706!!! Parallel Twin Screw Design, 28 L/D, Vented Barrel, 4.5kw Vac Pump, Air Cooled Barrel 4 Cooling Zones,10 Total Temp Zones, 89 KW AC Motor With Direct Drive, Vacon AC Drive, Eisenbeiss Gearbox, 40 RPM Scre...

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New to Inventory! 133MM Werner & Pfleiderer Model ZSK133 Co-Rotating Twin Screw Extruder

Used Werner & Pfleiderer Model ZSK133 co-rotating Twin Screw Extruder. Extruder is 35:1 L/D, with vented electrically heated water cooled barrel. Extruder is equipped with Flender gearbox with 1.837:1 gear ratio supplying 15,100 newton meters per shaft. Includes 9 spare new barrel sections, (2)...

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LOOK! New to Inventory! 1.5" Davis Standard Pedestal Extruder

1.5" Davis Standard Pedestal Extruder,24:1 L/D Ratio, 15:1 Gearbox Ratio, 100 RPM Screw Speed, 10 HP Gearbox Capacity, 7.5 HP Reliance DC RPM III Motor, Reliance FlexPak 3000 Drive, Air-Cooled Barrel, 4 Barrel Zones, 2 Die Zones. Temperature Control Panel With NEW Eurotherm 3205 Temperature Controll...

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Arlington Machinery Reviews

Worked with Jeff Norman to identify a desiccant dryer for our process. He walked us through the process as we don't have experience buying used equipment. Sale was completed and unit was received well-packed and on time. Unit is running great and does the job fine.

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