During these times when an in-person inspection is difficult or not an option, if we have the machine in stock the below are some of the services we can provide.

Barrel and Screw

Clean and measure barrels up to 8”.

Measure screw flights and generate a report of condition and screw style

Main Extruder Motor


Inspect electrical connections for damage

Megger test

Resistance test

Inspect mechanically including bearings and motor cooling

Control Panel

Operate temperature controllers to verify proper function

Test rpm readout and potentiometer and verify accuracy

Test and verify E stops function

Barrel Heating

Operate temperature controllers to verify heater amperage

Check thermocouple and terminal connections

Test and verify blowers function.

Water Cooling

Check pumps and plumbing for leaks

Verify solenoids function with controllers

Pressure test heat exchanger


Check oil and lube systems for functionality

Inspect oil for metals or sludge

Visually and with cameras, inspect gears for wear and damage

Check for noises and vibrations at normal extruder speeds.