Differences among injection molding machines:  Hydraulic, Hybrid and Electric Injection Molding Presses

Following are the pros and cons of each type of injection molder- regardless of whether you are looking to buy new or used presses. Detailed information can be obtained once you've established which type is best suited to your application.

Hydraulic Injection Molders Hydraulic Pros:

-Base price of machine is less than its alternatives

  • Replacement parts are lower cost and easier to find
  • Less money in overall maintenance
  • Hydraulic parts are more resistant to wear and tear
  • Molding system is slightly easier to control for higher level products
  • Large number of units available on the used market
 Hydraulic Cons:
  • Hydraulic fluid is constantly pumped 24/7 which is a greater amount of power consumption than alternatives
  • Fluids can leak out and damage parts around (bad for clean rooms)
  • Higher temperatures needed for molding which takes more power and time for cooling
 Hybrid Injection Molders (usually a hydraulic platen with an electric injection section)

Hybrid Pros:
  • Diversity of designs for products
  • Median cost to its alternatives, and could produce greatest overall savings
  • Favors two clamp system over toggle
Hybrid Cons:
  • All hybrids are different which causes problems with matching right press to product
  • Most difficult to find same replacement machine per application in United States
  • Maintenance supervisors must be savvy with Hydraulic and Electric presses
Electric Injection Molding Machines Electric Pros:
  • Fast cycle times
  • Cleanest process
  • Low noise levels for production
  • Less energy consumption
  • Accuracy and Precision is its strength for advanced products
  • Greater repeat-ability creating less scraps and waste products
Electric Cons:
  • Up front price is expensive
  • Availability for replacement machine or parts can be challenging on used market
  • Majority are toggle clamp and very limited with two platen clamp
Hydraulic, Hybrids, and Electric injection molding presses all have their advantages and disadvantages but when choosing the right press, you must weigh in all cost, operation, and availability factors before choosing the correcct injection press for you! Top Brands for Types of Injection Molding Presses Hydraulic, Van Dorn Demag, Cincinnati Milacron, Husky, Arburg, Krauss Maffei Hybrid, Nissei, Sumitomo Demag, Toshiba, Krauss Maffei Electric, Cincinnati Milacron, Nissei, Toyo, JSW, Engel, Husky,Toshiba Submitted by Jeff Norman