If Arlington machinery has an extruder in stock at our Elk Grove Village, Illinois location the below services are available in most cases.  


Arlington will start with a gear box inspection.  Gear box will be drained. Gears, Bearings and Seals will be visually inspected.  Additional inspection services availed upon request.

Extruder gear box cooling system with be inspected for functionality. If required motors, pump heat exchangers, and cooling lines will be tested.

Feed Section

Inspect for signs of wear.

Extruder feed throat cooling line will be flow tested.

Screw and Barrel:

Extruder screw will be pulled. The screw and barrel will be cleaned and measure for tolerance. We will generate a condition report.

Barrel Heaters

Barrel heaters will be electrically tested for functionality.

Cooling System:

Water cooled extruders

Test heater bands for cooling flow

Test solenoids for functionality.

Test machine plumbing for flow and leaks

Electrically test re circulation pump.  Check for pump leaks.

Pressure test heat exchanger

Air cooled extruders

Test cooling fans

Motor and Drive:

Test and Meg Main Drive Motor

Test and Run AC/DC Drives

Test Motor Cooling if applicable