125336_rapid (1)Recently, we had a customer, Piper Plastics, come to us with a specific problem.  They were looking to begin a new injection molding project using an expensive engineered resin. The complex mold would require several calibration runs to perfect the part.  With the high resin cost, they could not afford any waste.  The strict specifications of the project did not allow them to risk sending out rejected parts to be recycled for fear of contamination. Piper was looking for a heavy duty 50 horsepower granulator with staggered rotor and dual fly wheels.

Chris Wunderle, one of Arlington's sales managers,  knew that while we didn't have one listed on our site, we may be receiving something similar on our next truckload.  Arlington's stock is always changing with new equipment arriving almost daily.  Within hours Chris had located the perfect machine for them.  A quick test run in our shop and the machine was ready to ship within a week.

Arlington was happy to help another customer with their specific needs and Piper Plastics was pleased to have their problem solved.

"You got me out of a jam and will certainly remember that when I am looking for equipment." - Dave Wilkinson, Piper Plastics

If you want to know how Arlington can help match used equipment into your specific needs, please contact us today.