Many of our customers don't realize we have several asset management services. We can do more than just offer cash for your used equipment. When your company is looking for the maximum recovery and has more flexibility on time frame, Arlington recommends using its exclusive brokerage services.

Here is an example of Arlington’s Brokerage service in action with a recent deal on a 96” Wide Sheet Line.

This line was extremely clean and installed, however selling the machine would require the maximum effort to find the perfect buyer.  We used a three phase approach

Site Inspection

Identify, Assess, Appraise

One of Arlington’s represented flew to the location, spent the day inspected and recording all of the important specifications of the equipment. We also took photos and videos to help present the line as best as possible.

The Deal

Market, Negotiate, Payment

We compiled the specs, photos and videos of the line and created impressive marketing material. Our sales force used our existing database to contact customers that would likely be interested in the line. We also use trade journals, our presence on the web, targeted SEO, narrow-cast emails to qualified buyers. Our sales team was able to find an interested party at a fair market value. We were able to negotiate mutually accepted terms on the transaction.


Rig, Transport, Follow Up

Our job doesn’t stop at payment.  For this particular deal Arlington machinery was involved in organizing and managing the rigging, trucking and delivery of the entire line.

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