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Injection Molding Market Recovery

The impact of Covid-19 is being seen around the globe. Experts predict 2020 in the US will end with  -5.8% GDP, business spending will be down 10%-20%, housing starts will be down 2.0% and the trade deficit will widen 3%. (Kiplinger) Where does Injection Molding fit in this economy? Industr...

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How Does the Appraisal Definition Affect Value?

One of the most important questions for an appraisal is what value definition(s) to use.  There are several standard definitions, but any definition can be used as long as it can produce appropriate and credible results.  Equipment owners usually want the definition to be used with the hig...

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Un-Inspected vs Inspected Appraisals

Recent updates to USPAP have changed the definitions of appraisals.  Many people are familiar with the recently antiquated term Desktop Appraisal.  Now there are really two types of appraisals. Either an Un-Inspected Appraisal or an Inspected Appraisal.    The purpose and intende...

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Tips for Securing a Machinery & Equipment Appraisal

A machinery and equipment appraisal is something that you may do every year (which we recommend) or once in the history of your company.  Whether it’s plastics equipment appraisal or other types of equipment, here’s what you need to know to secure your appraisal. Who is the appraisal f...

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Glimmer of Economic Hope

There will definitely be winners and losers in the post-corona world.  Right now there is a glimmer of economic hope in the ISM numbers.  The Institute for Supply Management released its composite PMI for May at 43.1. As of now April was the worst month in recent times with a composite PMI...

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Recycling Equipment and the Current Market

Plastics recycling has become an altruistic endeavor as profitability declines. The low costs of energy commodities like oil and natural gas have reduced the profitability of the plastics recycling market.  Now governmental mandates and social responsibility are the only drivers for companies...

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Complete Recycling Plant Liquidation, Herbold, Vecoplan, Redwave, Gamma Meccanica

Click Links below for more information Herbold Wash Line Vecoplan RG78 ShredderRedwave Sorter180mm Gamma Meccanica Pelletizing Line 

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Used Plastics Machinery In a Covid-19 World

As businesses close and open in a return to some kind of normalcy in the future there will be changes in American manufacturing. This will cause shifts in demand and value of plastics processing equipment. Single-use plastics bags, once the pariah of the plastics world are making a comeback as...

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Arlington's Appraisal Annex

Welcome to the first post in Arlington’s Appraisal Annex.  This blog will be posting issues surrounding the appraisal of plastics machinery and equipment.  We will be giving insight into what is tending in the used machinery market with up-to-date information on what we see from a “boots o...

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212mm Erema/Gala Pelletizing Line with Vecoplan Shredder Must Move! Onsite and Installed!

MUST MOVE! Onsite and Installed 212MM Erema/Gala Pelletizing Line Line Consists Of The Following Pieces: -Used Vecoplan RG62/150 Single Shaft Shredder, 150 HP, New In 2003 -Box Dumper -In-Feed Conveyor With Metal Detector -Erema RGA 212T-HC Single Screw Extruder With Cutter/Compactor, New In 2003 -F...

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Arlington Machinery Reviews

We were looking to replace a piece of equipment and Arlington had exactly what we were looking for. So far both pieces we have bought from them have worked out to be good investments.

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