Used Machinery


Blow Molding / Extrusion / Injection Molding / Size Reduction / Thermoforming

We are still here to help our customers!

While Illinois may have a Shelter in Place Order, we are still available to help our customers get ready for what happens after Covid-19. 

  • We have thousands of machines, photos and videos on our site of equipment ready to be purchased - we are still updating inventory every day. If you have more questions, a live video inspection can be made!
  • We purchase many of our machines from photos and descriptions only. Send us the information and we'll send you an offer! 
  • Shipments of machinery are still being readied for sale.  Test runs, repairs and shipments are being processed
  • Appraisals reports can be completed without an inspection.

In light of the global consequences of Covid-19, many companies are thinking about the benefits of locally produced products.  We can help you be ready for that demand when it occurs.