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Item #: 63562 Manufacturer: PTI

Description: 7" PTI/Gala Pelletizing Line, 700 HP LATE MODEL 2013 FOR PS, PP and PET!

7" Single Screw PTI Extruder ,32:1 L/D Ratio, Vented , Water Cooling, 700 HP AC Vector Motor, Screw Cored For Cooling, Titan PLC Control, Dynisco Dual Bolt Screen Change, Gala Underwater Pelletizer, 72 Hole Strand Die, AC Variable Speed Cutter, TWS200 Water System, 3016 DW Centrifugal Pellet Dryer,

Additional Equipment: Supersack Unloading Station Scale System Maguire Material Blender Conair Fiberglass Cooling Tower, 140 Tons Conair Pump Tank, 15hp, 15 hp, 7.5 Hp