How do you evaluate your equipment if it's been damaged and you need to make an insurance claim?  If it's plastics equipment, you can ask Arlington Plastics Machinery for an equipment appraisal, repair estimate or offer on the equipment.

You insurance company wants to pay you for what you are owed but even they don't really know how to value the useful life of plastic processing equipment.  As someone familiar with the equipment you may have an idea of what it is worth, but that gut feel is not going to be enough for the insurance company.

An independent appraisal from Arlington will let you and your insurance company know what the equipment should be valued at, either prior to the damage or after the damage. The independent valuation report from our certified equipment appraiser provides the machinery owner and the insurance company with the piece of mind in that they have the correct value.

If you have already worked out the value of the equipment but need to evaluate the repairs, that is something we can also help with.  We have traveled as far away as Costa Rica to evaluate equipment damage and would be willing to help you evaluate the damage to your equipment.

Finally, you may have established that you just need to liquidate the equipment.  That is something that we can help you with also.  Arlington purchases equipment that we can refurbish in our repair facility.  With the insurance and a purchase from Arlington you may be closer to a new piece of equipment than you thought!