Are you trying to get rid of old machinery? Arlington Machinery is here to take it off your hands. We buy all types of plastic processing equipment both brand-new and used, which means you can count on us to sell any piece of equipment you have. So, what happens when you choose us to sell your machinery? Our Arlington experts are here to tell you.

Step 1: You Contact Us

This first step is basically the only thing you have to do—other than get paid of course! Contact our team and send us all your machine information, so we know what we’ll be handling. This includes specifications, photos, videos, and anything else you think we might need. 

We have a priority database with over 15,000 records for different machines that has their specs, pricing, sales history, and more. When you get in touch with our team, your items will become a part of that database. We even offer Machinery Specific Forms, so you can easily fill out the information, and we can begin the appraisal process.

Step 2: We Appraise Your Equipment

The next step in the process is the appraisal. Our team will appraise all pieces of your equipment and establish a sales target for your items. At Arlington, we have an AMEA appraiser on staff that have experienced all types of trends in machinery sales across multiple plastic processing industries.

We maintain long-term relationships with OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers), so we can stay up to date on any changes in pricing and technology. That way, we know exactly how to price and market your machinery.

Step 3: We Start Advertising

Once we determine a sales target, we’ll begin advertising. Since we are experts in the plastics machinery industry, we know how best to position your equipment on the market and attract potential buyers. Our goal is to cut through the noise and reach our intended target market as efficiently as possible.

Step 4: We Sell Your Equipment

We are international sellers of all types of plastics processing equipment, so we know all too well how valuable this type of machinery is across different industries. Not only do we handle the actual sales process, but we’ll also be there to deal with the logistics and any additional support you may need.

At Arlington, we sell all types of plastic machinery, including:

  • Extruders/Extrusion Equipment

  • Injection Molders

  • Blow Molders

  • Thermoformers

  • Recycling Equipment

  • All Ancillary Equipment

Step 5: You Get Paid

Last, but certainly not least, you get to get paid! Our goal is to get the best deal on your equipment, so you can make the money you deserve off your used machinery. 

Get in Touch with Our Team to Learn More Today

At Arlington Machinery, our mission is to provide top-rated plastics machinery to our customers, and we rely on sellers like you to help us provide those items. If you’re considering selling your plastics manufacturing equipment to Arlington Machinery, get in touch with our team to start selling right away. We will complete our own appraisal reports and help you through every step of the process.