56" x 62" Virtus Equipment Model G45-150 Single Shaft Shredder, 100 hp motor


56" x 62" Virtus Equipment Model G45-150 Single Shaft Shredder, 100 hp motor,

HOPPERLarge capacity infeed hopper, carbon steel construction with large opening 55.9” x 61.8” ROTOR: Composed of an 18” diameter tempered steel body.  This steel allows the discs to have a very hard surface which is resistant to wear and therefore requires less maintenance.  In case the rotor is jammed while shredding, it will invert the rotational direction and stop, allowing to inspect and identify the cause of the jam before re-starting the machine BED KNIVES: One (1) complete row of bed knives allowing material to get to final size faster BLADE HOLDERS: These parts are made with a special high resistance steel.  They are manufactured by precision castings to allow a perfect fitting and added protection of the cutting blades.  Their design allows to easily position and interchange these parts on the rotor. BLADESMade in a special through tempered D2 tool steel with multi-cut profile.  These blades can be re-used after the first wear by turning them around before having to replace.  These blades are fixed to the blade holders with screws that are perfectly protected from the wear caused by the material being shredded.  This fixing system allows for a quick and easy blade replacement.IMG_1559 RAM: The ram has been designed with a pivot system.  The advantage of this design with a vertical descending position is to have a compact system which reduces floor space requirements.  The ram pressure exerted on the material is continuously regulated and adapted to the actual shredding requirement.  The current absorption of the electric motor regulates the force that the ram is allowed to exert on the material.  Should the current absorption reach the higher predetermined level, the ram will pull back from the material and resume pressing against the rotor only after the amp range is back to the acceptable levels of operation.  The ram will pull back automatically after reaching its fully extended position and will be once again ready to receive additional material. CONTROLSThe system control will have multiple pressure and speed settings to allow processing of a variety of different materials. DRIVE: 100HP, with a hydraulic fluid coupling connected to a heavy reduction gear through a “V” belt drive.  The drive will use a zero speed sensor that will automatically reverse the shredder rotor, minimizing the potential of jamming.