6404196" Wide Johnson Sheet Line Consisting Of The Following Pieces: 3 HP Conair Vacuum Pump with Dust Collector, Conair Vacuum Received, Misc. Vacuum Pipe. 4.5" Johnson Extruder, 36:1 L/D Ratio, 17.70:1 Lufkin Gearbox Rated To 332 HP, Double Vented  And Plugged Barrel, Water Cooled, 42" Centerline Height, Approximately 102 RPM Screw Speed, 250 HP Reliance DC Motor, 250 HP Reliance VS DC Drive, 7 Die Zones, 12 Downstream Zones, Amp Gauge, RPM Gauge, Hopper With Color Feeder, S/N 8033-15. 4.5" Beringer Slide Plate Screen Changer, Hydraulic Power Pack With Accumulator, 64041aVertically Mounted. 96" Wide Johnson Sheet Die, Approximate Die Gap .070"- .50", External Deckles, 220V, S/N 8039-15. 96" Wide Johnson Sheet Stack, 20" Diameter Rolls, Up-Stacking, 2 Chrome Rolls, 1 Levant Roll, 1 Hair Cell Roll, 1 Matte Roll, Chain Driven By 5 HP Reliance DC Motor Through Multi Speed Gearbox, Hydraulic Roll Pressure, (3) 6” Dia. X 20” L Heat Exchangers, (3) 5 HP Water Pumps, Control Panel With 3 Temperature Controllers and Amp Gauges, S/N 8041-15. 96" Wide Cooling Conveyor, Approximately 20’ Long Slitting Station. 96” Wide Pull Rolls, 8” Diameter, Pull Rolls Driven by 3 HP Reliance DC Motor through Multi-Speed Gearbox. 96” Wide Roller Conveyor, 68” Long, Located Between Pull Rolls and Shear. 96” Wysong Shear, Model 1096, S/N P7-524-X, 7.5 HP Motor.

Currently Installed and Running HMWPE

Approximate Foot Print 100' L x 12' W