Thin wall injection molding is a subset of typical injection molding for mass-producing plastic parts that are thin and light.  The design of the machines allow the parts to use as little material as possible and to have high cycle times - creating savings in resin and creating high output of the product.

Two manufacturers of injection molding machines designed for thin wall packaging are Swiss Made Netstal and Husky. The injection moulding machines must accommodate high speeds and forces within an extremely short time.

Accumulator machines like the Netstal Synergy 8000 that we currently have for sale have been the standard for ensuring the machine is able to produce a very high power density. According to Netstal, "All models of the SynErgy range display the typical properties of a Netstal machine: speed, precision, reliability, user-friendliness and economic efficiency."

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880 Ton Netstal Synergy Model S8000-5500E Injection Molding Machine, 2007 Vintage, 77 Oz, Only 880 Hours!!!!