The value for machinery and equipment in an appraisal will be based on depreciation. Depreciation is defined as the actual loss in value or worth of a property from all causes including those resulting from physical deterioration, functional obsolescence, and economic obsolescence.


Physical -A form of depreciation where the loss in value or usefulness of an asset is attributable solely to physical causes such as wear and tear and exposure to the elements. Functional - A form of depreciation where the loss in value is due to factors inherent in the property itself and due to changes in design, or process resulting in inadequacy, over capacity, excess construction, lack of functional utility, or excess operating costs. Economic - A form of depreciation or loss in value, caused by unfavorable external conditions. These can include such things as the economics of the industry, availability of financing, loss of material and labor sources, passage of new legislation, and changes in ordinances. Arlington Plastics Machinery