It’s all in the name—the All-Test Pro is for the pros. 

At Arlington Machinery, our equipment professionals utilize cutting-edge technology to repair and refurbish machinery. From simple test runs to basic analytics, any technician can address basic electrical and mechanical concerns, but we don’t stop there. Our specialist team is equipped with the best that modern technology has to offer. Today, the best tech around is the All-Test Pro 34 Deenergized Motor Circuit Analysis (MCA) Testing Instrument. 

Beyond the capabilities of industry-standard testing, the All-Test Pro 34 uses patented technology to see past vibration and temperature to see the heart of the motor. This is essential for sizeable AC motors, especially large extruders, granulators, and shredders. These motors can house anywhere from 100 to 1000 horsepower, making repairs expensive and buying used risky. For example, if you're looking to buy an used extruder with 400 horsepower, that alone can be a six-figure investment, and a bad motor can increase your costs very quickly. The machine may pass when it's only megohmmeter tested, but the All-Test Pro 34 can reveal other concerns that lead to repairs before you buy and/or lower the price for you. If other used machinery sellers aren't offering an All-Test Pro evaluation, they're either skipping crucial information about the equipment, or they're overcharging you. 

But, with the All-Test Pro revealing the health of the motor, Arlington can dig deeper to find the real problem. Only Arlington can offer you the security and transparency of a true pro-level test. We can and will test just about any machine with an AC motor in our inventory to let you know the health of the motor before you buy. 

Let's take a look at the differences between industry-standard testing and what Arlington can do with the All-Test Pro 34.
Faults MegohmmeterDMMAll-Test Pro 34
Ground Faults YES NO YES
Internal Winding Faults NO NO YES
Open Connection NO YES YES
Rotor Faults NO YES YES
Contamination YES NO YES

All-Test Pro 34 At A Glance

The All-Test Pro 34 has vast capabilities that our equipment specialists use to dive deep into the motor and see the health of it both electronically and mechanically. Put simply, the APT34 assesses motors in three ways:


  • Complete Motor Health Assessment
  • Test Value Static (TVS)
  • Dynamic Stator and Rotor Signatures

These tests help US help YOU.
By streamlining our processes, the Arlington team can get to work faster. With the All-Test Pro 34, we can ensure accuracy and efficacy in our practice, allowing us to provide both accuracy in testing used machinery and security in knowing exactly what you’re buying.

We strive to provide quick and precise work, so you can get what you need. Whether that’s a refurbished machine or a speedy liquidation, Arlington Machinery can help. If you have any questions or would like to know more about Arlington Machinery’s capabilities and services, please reach out by calling us at (847) 956-7300 or by filling out the form below.