4.5" Johnson/Conair Pelletizing Line
Line Consists of The Following Pieces:

4.5" Johnson Extruder, 24:1 L/D Ratio, Air-Cooled Barrel, 17.037:1 Gearbox Ratio, Vented and Plugged, Vent Location Approx. 64" From Feed Throat, Cast Aluminum Heaters, 5 Barrel Zones, 5 Die Zones, Melt Temp, 150 HP Reliance DC Motor, Quantum III Drive M350-14ICDQ, Drive Panel Has Speed Pot, Tachometer, And AMP Gauge, 42" Centerline, Bunting Magnet, Hydreclaim Color Feeder, S/N 5275-47. 

Estimated Amp Draw: 450 Amps (300 AMP Drive Panel,150 AMP Temp Panel)

4.5" Berlyn Slide Plate Screen Changer(No Hydraulic Unit)

Conair Water Ring Pelletizer
2 HP Cutting Head
2 HP Carter Day Spin Dryer, Model DBL2, S/N 221-92,
Water System With 72" L x 6" Dia. Heat Exchanger, Needs Water Re-circulation Pump
Control Panel With AC Inverter Drive, Melt Temp Gauge, And Three Fuji DXW-4 Temperature Control Zones.