Arlington Plastics Machinery has many used horizontal injection molders for sale. Injection molding is used in many industries, including: children's toys, automotive parts, packaging, food production, aerospace, medical equipment, and more.

Injection Molders are used for: Molding items, A lot of customers are custom molders so it depends on what they run. Examples are caps for water bottles, preforms for bottles,  dashboards, fenders, yogurt cups, cups, knobs, toothbrushes, chairs, parts of large items, storage containers,  toys.

When looking for injection molding equipment there are many important factors to consider. Each job will require a specific machine. That injection molding machine determines the size and shape of the output or SHOT SIZE.

SOME BRANS WE CURRENTLY CARRY INCLUDE: Toshiba, Husky, Van Dorn, Cincinnati Milacron, Nissei, Sumitomo, Toyo, Engel, Battenfeld, arburg, Niigata, jsw, Mitsubishi.

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