12" x 12" Virtus Equipment C30-30 Sound Enclosed Granulator, 10 hp motor

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Brand Virtus Equipment
Model C30-30
Item 43039

Product Features

  • NEW 12" x 12"Virtus Equipment Model C30-30 Sound Enclosed Granulator, 10 Hp, 3 Knife
  • Cutting Chamber: 12" diameter rotor by 12" wide (300 x 300 mm), Centrally hinged two-piece welded steel construction, upper and lower sections of the housing meet at an inclined angle, the stator knives are mounted to opposite sides of the dividing surface. Multiple sharpening and adjustment of stator knives is possible.
  • Rotor: 3 blade 'S' type rotor in welded steel construction. All knives are manufactured from high quality chrome nickel tool steel..
  • Knife setting jig: Fixture for quick adjustment of the knives outside the machine.All the knives are pre-adjustable outside the machine
  • Sound Enclosure: Fully integrated construction with stand and anti-vibration dumpers. Hinged doors for easy access.
  • Main Drive: AC-motor three phase, degree of protection IP-54
  • Safety Devices: Integrated run down safety devices prevent access to the unite untilt he rotor has reached a stand still
  • Starting Equipment:Electrical control for controlling of the entire system, all electrical units mounted into the sound enclosure, switches are equipped with star delta protection, press button switches with light indicators, lockable main switch, wired to a terminal strip, all fuses included. Designed in accordance with the valid VDE safety requirements.
  • Material Discharge:Built in blower with separate door for easy maintenance and cleaning. including piping, cyclone and bag filling stand for a single bag.
  • the above selection(s) and pricing are per the enclosed component specifications sheet(s) and/or Buyer supplied design parameters. Alterations in layout details, materials and/or specified design parameters described in this proposal may result in changes in system performance, equipment selection(s) and/or pricing. Seller assumes no responsibility for equipment performance in cases where complete application details are not made available by the Buyer. If changes beyond the Seller's control or the expectation of the Buyer or Seller require larger or different equipment than originally anticipated, the Seller will provide the same at reasonable price. Pricing quoted above is less options and/or alternates, unless otherwise indicated.

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