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Sheet Extrusion Equipment

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Plastic sheet extrusion equipment is used to make plastic sheet of varying widths and thicknesses for use in many products.  The plastic sheet can be the product sold to consumers or the sheet can be an intermediary step in producing the final product. Plexiglass and plastic sheets to cover the outside of neon signs are two examples of applications for this equipment. Plastic sheets produced from this type of extrusion equipment are sturdy, yet remains somewhat flexible. Arlington’s inventory of machinery can produce high-quality, durable solid sheets of plastic efficiently and cost-effectively.

Plastic Sheet Extrusion Machinery and the Extrusion Process

Like all extrusion processes, the sheet line begins with the extruder by using frictional heat from screw and barrel to melt and carry the raw plastic to the die. The extruder forces the plastic through the sheet die. The sheet die diverts the plastics stream to the width and thickness needed for the final product. Dies can be automatically adjustable in the case of flex lip dies or can be manually adjusted.

  • In a co-extrusion operation, several extruders can feed into one die a create a layered sheet. One to seven layers of sheet are very common in today’s plastics industry.
  • Optional components that can be found on the extruder are screen changers for filtration or gear pumps to maintain consistent pressure and flow of plastic.

The hot formed plastic is conveyed to a chilled roll stand, commonly known as a sheet stack. Sheet stacks can be configured in many different ways for example horizontal, vertical or J-shaped.  The product is conveyed down the line with the help of a pull roll system.  Rigid sheet is cut by a shear and stacked either manually or automatically. Flexible sheet is wound onto rolls using a winder. In many instances the extruded sheet can bypass a winder and be run directly into an inline thermoforming system. 

Products and Plastics in Sheet Extrusion

The type of plastic used determines the type of product.  For example, acrylic produces a strong, durable and optically clear sheet; Expanded PVD is lightweight, yet rigid; HDPE is strong and stiff; and ABS provides impact resistance and machinability.

Popular sheet extrusion line equipment manufacturers in North America include Davis Standard, Black Clawson, Welex, Killion, Gloucester, PTI,  and American Kuhne.

Post-Extrusion for Plastic Sheets

One post-extrusion process is thermoforming. Plastic thermoformers take plastic sheet to form items such as plastic cups and plates, plastic packaging, auto body parts and roadside signs and personal protection equipment out of plastic sheets.

Plastic Sheet Extrusion Equipment Available

We have a comprehensive inventory of plastic sheet extrusion equipment for applications in numerous industries. Arlington Plastics Machinery buys plastic extrusion lines and refurbishes them completely for sale. Or, you can opt to purchase equipment as is or in running condition.

We have equipment from many different manufactures and a wide variety of machinery sizes from which to choose. Browse our wide selection of sheet extrusion lines to find the equipment best suited for your processes.

Machinery Solutions for Plastics Manufacturing

Arlington Machinery provides extensive service offerings and product selection to serve the needs of the plastics manufacturing industry.



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