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Injection Molding Robots

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If you’re looking to automate more of your production processes—resulting in greater parts precision and less manual labor—injection molding robots are the ideal addition. Depending on your exact application, robots can be incorporated in various spots throughout the injection molding process, from loading components to finishing and assembling.

Arlington Plastics Machinery offers a variety of injection molding robots made by trusted manufacturers like Yushin, Star, Whitman, and Conair. In addition to the robots themselves, we maintain a large rotating inventory of vertical and horizontal injection molding machines. We can help you create the best product line for your unique application and industry.

Types of Injection Molding Robots

Robots for injection molders come in as many configurations as the parts they produce. Some popular robot options include:

  • Pedestal Robots
  • Articulated Arm Robots
  • Robot Arms for Injection Molding

Some robots are simple pick-and-place machines, while others work with much higher complexity in all 5 axes. Robots can be built into both upstream and downstream processes.

Benefits of Injection Molding Robots

No matter which type of robot you choose, the benefits are similar across the board. Companies that incorporate robots into their injection molding process benefit from:

  • Greater Automation
  • Reduced Human Error/Variation
  • High Precision
  • Greater Consistency in Quality
  • Increased Productivity and Uptime

How to Choose Injection Molding Robots

There are many different types of injection molding robots, and not every application will benefit equally from the same type. When considering purchasing a robot, it’s important to consider these factors:

  • How Much Space You Have Available
  • The Space You Want the Robot to Reach Into
  • How Many Axes Your Part Requires (3-Axis and 5-Axis Are Common)
  • Speed in Relation to Mold Cycles
  • Total Weight of Product
  • Preference for Pneumatic or Servo Motors

If you aren’t sure which of the above options are most important for your specific application, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Arlington Machinery. We have injection molding product specialists on staff who would be happy to help you narrow down your options.

We Can Appraise, Buy, or Sell Injection Molding Machines

Since 1987, Arlington Machinery has been a global leader in plastics machinery purchasing, selling, refurbishing, and appraising. To find out more about our current inventory (held in our own warehouse!), please give us a call today.

If you’re ready for a quote on an injection molding robot, simply fill out our online form now.

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