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Arlington Machinery brings you a large selection of metal fabrication that are used in different fabrication processes as in cutting, punching, folding, shearing, and stamping. Some of the equipment that are used in these fabrication processes Arlington Machinery carries from press brakes, gun drills, saws, laser cutters, stamping press, and water jets.

Common Metalworking Fabrication Processes and Industries

Some of the industries that depending on fabrication equipment would include mining, construction, automotive, aerospace, and medical industries.

metalworking fabrication equipment

  • Cutting – The most common metalworking fabrication process is cutting. The metal that is usually being cut has not been shaped yet into a specific form. There are many ways in the form of cutting now from saws, water jets, and high-tech laser and plasma torches.
  • Folding – The most common folding method in metalworking would be with a press brake. This operation is used when a set of dies clamps most commonly sheet metal between a punch and die and forms a crease in the metal.
  • Punching – When a die and punch of the same shape and size make a hole in a work piece. Usually used on sheet metal, this type of metalworking fabrication is usually used in high-production processes.
  • Stamping – This process is usually used not to form a hole in a workpiece, but rather to form a work piece into a shape. Commonly used in sheet metal processes, this process can be done in a single stage or can also be done through multiple stages. Within the metalworking fabrication process, metal stamping is a common process completed for projects in such industries as aerospace, automotive, and agriculture – and many more.

Arlington Machinery offers a wide range of metalworking fabrication machinery to serve various industries as well as used product inventory to meet various price points. Whatever your metal fabrication equipment needs, see Arlington Machinery first.
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