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Inspection Not an Option? No Problem. Learn more

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Arlington Makes Buying Pullers and Hauloffs Easy

When an in-person inspection is difficult or not an option, if we have the machine in stock here are some of the services we can provide. 

Belt Pullers


  • Verify that E Stops Function


  • Inspect for wear/report condition
  • Verify alignment


  • Verify main motor functions.  Provide video
  • Verify Speed gauges and control are accurate.
  • Verify wheel encoder works properly 


  • Operate pneumatic cylinders.
  • Verify pressure controls works


  • Verify shaft drives are alight
  • Properly lubricate as directed.
  • Run/inspect gearbox for noise or vibration 
  • Check gearbox oil if accessible 
  • Run/inspect bearings for noise recommend replacement 
  • Check drive belts for proper tightness/look for wear

Used and Refurbished Pipe & Profile Pullers 

Arlington Plastics Machinery buys, sells, and refurbished all sizes of profile pullers and hauloffs. Such applications range from small medical tubing to large diameter drain pipe. Depending on the application profile pullers typically use two to four belts and can be cleated or flat.

Tire pullers are used in pipe production. Characteristic of a puller include belt width, contact length, speed range, torque rating. Also, the precision and accuracy of belt speed needs to be address in order to choose the correct drive system. Arlington machinery can upgrade your existing puller or purchase outright. Please find our current listings fo used pipe and profile pullers and hauloffs below.

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