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Gammaflux Controls Inc. is a global supplier of temperature and sequential valve gate control systems.  The company's main niche is the hot runner injection molding market. Gammaflux also provides temperature control solutions for blow molding, extrusion, and thermoforming. 

As a proud leader in the temperature control technology field, Gammaflux’s goal is to design and deliver high-quality technology that will improve the plastics industry. From their inception in 1966 until now, they have been dedicated to development, which can be seen through their constant innovations.

Top-Quality Temperature Control Technology 

At Arlington Machinery, we offer a variety of Gammaflux products, so you can begin improving your plastics business right away. Common models we supply include:

  • LEC: The LEC Temperature Controller is a full-featured hot runner temperature control that features Triangulated Control Technology™, Power Priority™, extensive diagnostics, and built-in protection for the heater, cables, and controller. It offers control for up to 24 zones of temperature.

  • G24: The G24 Temperature Controller has all the same features as the LEC unit. However, it is also easier to use, more affordable, smaller, faster, and more flexible in terms of its use. It also boasts innovative features, including Mold Doctor®, early leak detection, and improved interlocks. This unit offers 18 to 480 zones of temperature control.

  • TTC Family: We also offer integrated temperature or stand-alone sequential valve gate control (SVGC) applications. SVGC is ideal for manufacturers of larger and more complex parts. Some of the top benefits include knit line control, improved straightness, lighter parts, and improvements with dimensions.

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When looking to buy or sell temperature control equipment for plastics extrusion, blow molding or thermoforming equipment, you can attain accurate appraisals and quality used machines at Arlington Machinery. 

As experts in the plastics industry, we have a large inventory of machinery, from fabrication to plastics recycling, including the temperature control units necessary in plastics processing. Contact us buy, sell, or appraise your Gammaflux Controls machinery.

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