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Davis-Standard is a global leader in the design, development and distribution of extrusion and converting technology. With over 10 product lines, Davis-Standard supplies polymer-processing solutions that optimize productivity and profitability. Davis-Standard supplies blown film extruders, extrusion lines and associated winders, dies and feed screws for blown film processor.

Extrusion and Blown Film Technology by Davis-Standard

Recognized for their coextrusion technology, Davis-Standard supports both vertical and horizontal coextrusion configurations. From single and twin-screw extruders to specialty and elastomer extruders, Davis-Standard offers durable machines with high output rates

Davis-Standard supplies blown film extruders, extrusion lines and associated winders, dies and feedscrews for blown film processors with mono and multi-layer blown film technology. Offering the industry’s largest seven layer blown film die, efficient WesJet air rings, precision gauge control, and world renown DSB® feedscrew designs, Davis-Standard always operates at a high capacity.

Arlington sells a wide variety of used Davis-Standard machinery, including:

  • Blow film lines
  • Blown film towers
  • Extruders
  • Extruder screws
  • Pedestal machines
  • Pellitizers
  • Screws
  • Standard gearboxes
  • Standard geminis
  • With over 10 product lines, Davis-Standard machines support manufacturing applications and customers in a wide variety of industries, including automotive, building & construction, consumer products, medical, and packaging.

Interested in Davis-Standard Equipment? We Can Buy, Sell, or Appraise

Arlington Plastics Machinery has been a leading buyer, seller, and refurbisher of plastics molding, thermoforming, shredding, extrusion, and post-extrusion equipment since 1987. Before you purchase or sell your Davis-Standard machines, contact us to make sure your equipment is properly market priced! Our certified equipment appraisers have decades of experience and can produce USPAP, AMEA, ASA IVS, and IFRS-compliant reports.

Looking ­for Additional Extruder and Blown Film Brands?

Search Arlington Plastics Machinery’s inventory to find the additional machines that you may need:

  • Davis-Standard: Quality used and refurbished extruders, pelletizers, and blown film equipment.
  • Extruders: Akron, American Kuhne, BD Plast, Beringer, Berlyn, Berstorff, Brabender, Cincinnati Milacron, Crown, Diamond America, Dynisco, Egan, Entwistle, Gatto, Gloucester, Graham Engineering, Harrel, Hartig, Kiefl, Krauss Maffei, Kreyenborg, Leistritz, Merritt, NFM, NRM, Polymer Systems, Polytruder, Prodex, PTI, Sterling, Wayne Extrusion, Welex, Werner & Pflieiderer, Xaloy, Youngstown

Contact the experts at Arlington Machinery for all of your Davis Standard equpipment needs – from valuation to selling machinery to buying quality used equipment.

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