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Since 1939, Cumberland Engineering has been an industry leader in manufacturing granulators, pelletizers, and recycling systems for plastics industries. Cumberland provides a wide range of durable, high-quality granulators that reprocess plastic materials, help lower costs, and conserve resources. Cumberland’s granulator machines are used in plastics and polymer processing across many different industries, including automotive, healthcare, consumer products, packaging, and other markets

Granulators and Shredders by Cumberland Engineering

Cumberland Granulators are used for various applications such as recycling plastic sheet, bottles, and injection molded products. All industries use them to recycle products that are either inferior in quality or have been used and need to be reprocessed. Energy efficiency paired with heavy-duty design and ease-of-maintenance results in a plastic granulation system with a low total cost of ownership.

Interested in Cumberland Engineering Equipment? We Can Buy, Sell, or Appraise

Since 1987, Arlington Plastics Machinery has been a leading buyer, seller, and refurbisher of quality machinery including plastics molding, thermoforming, shredding, extrusion, and post-extrusion equipment – and much more. Before you purchase or sell your Cumberland Engineering machines, contact us to make sure your equipment is properly market priced! Our certified equipment appraisers have decades of plastics machinery valuation experience and can produce USPAP, AMEA, ASA IVS, and IFRS-compliant reports.

We also maintain our own warehouse stock of used RDN machines for sale, so contact us today if you’re interested in buying! We’re here to help you.

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