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Gravimetric Blenders

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Arlington Machinery offers several different manufactures of used Gravimetric Blenders as well as other types of infeed component mixers. These machines are commonly used in extrusion and molding operations. Gravimetric mixers are batch type blenders. On the used market we typical see machines capable of blending as little as 100 lbs./hour of plastic to as much as 10,000lbs./hour. These infeed mixers make it easy to blend 2-6 and even more materials very accurately.

Gravimetric Blender Use in Plastics Injection or Extrusion

Gravimetric blenders work by weighing all materials and, when the accurate weight is achieved, release the correct amounts of each product with the other components and mixing them into a batch. This allows a gravimetric blender to achieve tolerances of .05%-.02% of batch weight. Screw feeders for pellet powder and liquid dosers are typical options that these infeed component mixers have in order to combine materials that are not similar in form. In today’s plastic plants, material is one of, if not the highest, cost in plastic processing.  This has led to a greater need for proper mixing and blending to avoid scrap production and rejected parts.

Types of Used Gravimetric Infeed Mixing Equipment

Infeed component blenders that combine two, three, four, five or even six materials are common in plastics injection or extrusion processing. Some of the most common blenders we see on the used market are the Maguire “WSB” series, the Conair True Blend series and the Whitman-Battenfeld Gravimax. Other manufactures include Process Control, Novatec and Piovan. 

If a machine is in stock, Arlington can usually test the mixing equipment in house before you buy ­– making sure you are getting a good used gravimetric blender on your shop floor. 

Machinery Solutions for Plastics Manufacturing

Arlington Machinery provides extensive service offerings and product selection to serve the needs of the plastics manufacturing industry.



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