1,250 CFM Conair Model CD 1600 Desiccant Dryer, With 9,000 Lbs Hopper
Conair Desiccant Dryer, Model CD-1600 (DAJA045030060), 5 Bed Carousel, Auto Regeneration, Compu-Dry Touch Screen Control, Dew Point Meter, 1,250 Process CFM, 9,000 Lbs Insulated Hopper, Comes with Stand and Slide Gate 
460/3/60, 117.7 Max Amp Load 

Approximate Dryer Dimensions: 
61" x 88" x 82" Tall, Weight 4,550lbs 
Approximate Hopper Dimensions: 
74" Diameter x 213" Tall, 8" OD Inlet 8" Outlet

Item# 13710J

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