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You need to keep your bottom line in the black when you are part of the competitive, world-wide industrial market, and Arlington Plastics Machinery understands that staying on-top of all of the red-tape and financial burdens of business can be a challenge. To help you stay ahead of the curve, and potentially save money along the way, we have an AMEA appraiser on-staff that is available to conduct appraisals on entire plants, as well as machinery appraisal for specific pieces of equipment.

The invaluable equipment appraisal service that we offer recently came to the forefront, when Arlington Plastics Machinery was put to the task of evaluating the tax liability of a major manufacturing operation.

Appraisal Services that Save You Money on Your Bottom Line

Arlington Plastics Machinery has been providing full-service plastics machinery appraisal service since 1987, and we understand the importance of knowing the true value of your manufacturing equipment. Without a current appraisal, companies tend to use various accounting schedules to provide the county with their tax liability—which can be a huge mistake if the actual equipment value doesn’t match the value of the schedules.

To put the importance of a professional appraisal into perspective, we recently had a customer that operates in a county that charges a tax of $2 per $100 of the assessed value of production machinery, equipment, and tooling. As an extruder of foam products, this customer had almost $20 million dollars in assets on their books—with almost $400,000 in tax liability on their asset schedules.

After hiring Arlington Plastics Machinery as their machine appraisal company, we discovered that this company’s equipment should only be taxed on a fair market value of approximately $2 million dollars. After bringing our report to a hearing and making the case for a reduction, the company was able to reduce their taxes to almost one-tenth of the previous amount— offering incredible savings that will benefit their business year after year.

Find Out More About Our Comprehensive Appraisal Services Today!

The machinery appraisals from Arlington Plastics Machinery do more than just provide you with accurate information for use in accounting and tax purposes—they can give you an advantage in the industry by cutting your costs and keeping you competitive in an ever-changing global market. To learn more about the appraisals that we offer, contact us today or check out our other case studies! Just give us a call or fill out our online form, and we’d be happy to fill you in on the details of the process.

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