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Finding dependable equipment for your manufacturing needs can be an immense hurdle. Add in the dramatic costs associated with it, and your search quickly become a struggle! To alleviate this burden, Arlington Machinery is dedicated to providing customers with high-grade plastics and manufacturing equipment at affordable rates. We strive to source impeccable used machinery that we can sell to you at a respectable rate. If you’re in the market for an EDM machine to size your metalworking projects, look no further than our company. The complete services we provide include:

  • Buying, Selling, and Repair of Used Equipment

  • Charmilles Technologies Robofill Products

All of Your Sales and Purchasing Needs in One Place

At Arlington Machinery, we have everything you need related to the sale and buying of used manufacturing equipment. We strive to only offer the most dependable products, and we always provide our customers with the very best value on the market. A comprehensive list of our services includes:

  • Accurate Appraisals and Purchases: If you have an older piece of equipment you’re looking to part ways with, Arlington Machinery can easily take it off your hands. After some prior information and a proper inspection, we’ll be able to give you a competitive rate you can feel good about.

  • Used Product Sales: The cost of brand new manufacturing equipment can be insanely expensive! That's why we prioritize certified, used gear for our customers. We guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with your pre-owned equipment after just the first use.

  • Full-Service Repairs: If your equipment needs some TLC, Arlington Machinery has a knowledgeable team of dedicated technicians to take on all of your repair needs and get your business back up and operating.

  • Storage Facilities: Simply looking for a place to house your oversized equipment? We have a well-secured warehouse storage facility for your every need.

Invest in a State-of-the-Art EPDM Machine from Charmilles

Adding an EPM machine to your molding process is one of the best investments you could ever make, but purchasing the correct brand for the job is equally as important! That’s why Arlington Machinery offers a diverse lineup of Charmilles Technologies products that’ll go miles for your manufacturing business. We have a range of Robofill machines for all different budgets and needs. When you purchase one of these products from us, you’ll be astounded at the quality of work it provides.

Get Started Today With a Free Quote or Appraisal

If you’re in the market to buy used molding equipment or are simply looking to sell your old existing pieces, look no further than Arlington Machinery! With our competitive rates, top-notch customer service, and impeccable product selection, you can’t go wrong with our company.

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Machinery Solutions for Plastics Manufacturing

Arlington Machinery provides extensive service offerings and product selection to serve the needs of the plastics manufacturing industry.



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